• 7 Artistic Paint Ideas For Your Classic Sports Car

    If your classic sports car is in need of new paint, then there is no reason you should settle for a boring paint job. Instead, you can make your car stand out from the crowd on the highway, by having it painted with an artistic paint scheme. Here are seven ideas to help you begin the process of deciding how to paint your car: Idea #1: Black and White Graphic Design
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  • How To Prevent And Repair Rust On Your RV's Undercarriage

    Rust is a major enemy to your RV. It eats through metal and can weaken the entire frame of the vehicle. Your best offense is prompt defense – know what leads to rust and how you can prevent it from attacking. If you already have a rust issue, prompt repair can keep your RV like new. Causes of Rust Several things can result in rust on your RV. These include:
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  • Coats Of Many Methods: 3 New Trends In Auto Body Painting

    If your vehicle suffers a collision, and you find yourself at an auto body repair shop, don't be surprised to see new paint technology being used. Advanced methods for applying protective coatings to vehicles have been proven to give more even coats, and the materials are subject to less bubbling or pocking of finishes. One type of paint is far more sustainable. 3 new methods you may encounter at the collision repair shop:
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