5 Things To Check For When Picking Up Your Car After Auto Body Repair

Posted on: 2 March 2015

Whether you are paying for the work or have had it done by your insurance company, you probably want to make sure that your car looks great after auto body repair work has been done. It can be tough to notice some problems with body work until you get your car home and really take a good look at it, but there are a few things that you can look at before leaving the shop. Check for these five things when picking up your car, and you can help ensure that a satisfactory job was done.

1. Does the Paint Look Even?

Take a look at your car from an angle. The paint should look even, and you should not be able to tell where it starts or stops.

2. Can You Feel Any Uneven Spots?

In the area where the repairs were done, you should run your hand gently over the surface of your car. If you can feel any uneven areas, then there might be an issue with the paint, or the dents or scratches might not have been gotten out correctly.

3. Can You Open and Close the Doors and Windows Easily?

One thing that many people don't think about is to check their doors and windows. If your car isn't repaired properly, there could be damage, and your doors and windows may fail to open and close or might not do so smoothly. This is not an issue that you should ignore, because it will more than likely only get worse with time.

4. Is There a Film on the Windows or Light Covers?

When your vehicle gets repainted, it's not uncommon for a film of primer or paint to end up on your vehicle's windows, windshield, back glass or light covers. If the body repair shop doesn't do a good job of getting it off, however, you have to be concerned about whether a sloppy job was done with other parts of the work.

5. Has the Car Been Detailed?

Dust, dirt, paint, primer and more can get all over your vehicle while body repair work is being done. Therefore, your car should be thoroughly cleaned and detailed when you pick it up. If not, you might not be able to see imperfections clearly, and you may not be able to trust the body shop to have done a good job on your body work.

If you check for these five things before taking your car home after auto body repair (from a shop such as Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales), you'll help improve your chances of catching any problems. If any of these things are wrong, then you shouldn't pay or sign anything until your car has been repaired.


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