7 Artistic Paint Ideas For Your Classic Sports Car

Posted on: 25 February 2015

If your classic sports car is in need of new paint, then there is no reason you should settle for a boring paint job. Instead, you can make your car stand out from the crowd on the highway, by having it painted with an artistic paint scheme.

Here are seven ideas to help you begin the process of deciding how to paint your car:

Idea #1: Black and White Graphic Design

Black and white designs always look classic. The painting technician who is painting your car can make a nice black and white design in paint for you. These designs can be as complicated as you would like. In fact, you can even have the images contain text or your favorite video game character.

Idea #2: American Flag

Show your American pride by painting your classic car with a red, white and blue, flag motif. Rather than having the flag simply painted on the hood or roof area of the car, have the flag image wrapped around your car with a nice background of white.

Idea #3: Single Color and Multiple Shades

If you prefer a more subtle painting effect, you can have your car painted a single color, but with multiple shades of that color. The auto painter can vary the colors in a continuous rainbow design, or they can paint each section of your car a different color.

Idea #4: Three-Dimensional Design

With the amazing computer graphics possible today, you can have a three-dimensional image painted on your car, or applied as a large decal. The 3-D effects can really cause heads to turn as you drive down the road.

Idea #5: Faux Metal

A good auto painter can paint your car to look like it is covered in metal. Whether you prefer plate metal with rivets, or if you like diamond plate, both looks can be had with simple paint and some effort.

Idea #6: Biblical or Classic Scene

If you are a person of faith, or if you have a favorite classic painting, you can have a mural painted on the side of your car. Add your name above the door handle, to add a personal touch.

Idea #7: Stained Glass Look

You can also have your car painted to appear like it is made from stained glass. A "lead" border will be painted and then the areas will be filled in with colored paint.


No matter which paint scheme you choose for your classic sports car, the end result will be wonderful. If you need assistance with deciding how to best paint your classic car, then you should contact a local automotive painting professional who will be able to advise you.


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