Common Car Window Tinting Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: 17 March 2022

Car window tint can provide privacy and reflect the sun's UV rays, which prevents your car from overheating. Moreover, tinting provides extra support to car windows, preventing breakage. Nevertheless, you can only realize the full benefits of window tinting if you carry out the correct installation. Hence, you need to understand the window tint installation process well to know what is expected and what isn't. Here are the common vehicle tinting mistakes to avoid.

Attempting DIY Tint Installation

The car window tinting process may seem simple as it entails sticking the film directly on the windows. Though straightforward, you should avoid DIY tint installation as you could ruin your car windows or cause money wastage. For instance, you may tear the tint easily during installation, calling for a replacement. Also, you may need to stick and pull the film several times, which may cause your windows to crack if you apply excessive force. Therefore, you should always get a professional to do the installation to protect your film and windows.

Selecting the Cheapest Window Film

While you may want to save as much as possible from your window tinting project, choose quality tint. The market may provide you with cheap film options, but some are low quality and get damaged fast. You may eventually spend more money on cheap tints due to frequent repair and replacement. Hence, select a high-quality film for your car windows. Getting quotations from different reliable suppliers can help you access high-quality window films at an affordable rate.

Choosing the Wrong Tint

A common misconception is that all window tinting products work the same way. However, manufacturers create each window film to perform a specific role. There may be tint products that offer several benefits but are better at performing certain jobs. For instance, colored tinting may provide some level of privacy, but its main role is to improve car aesthetics. This tint may not offer maximum UV protection like UV tinting. Understand your needs and pick the appropriate car window tint.

Using Your Car Before the Tint Adhesive Dries

After window tinting installation, you may begin using your car immediately. However, allow the adhesive to dry to avoid damage to the tint. If the tint loosens and you raise or lower your car windows, the tint may tear. You'll want to leave your windows up until the tint dries and sticks to your windows firmly.

The common window tinting mistakes include attempting DIY tint installation, selecting the cheapest window tint, selecting the wrong tint, and not allowing the tint to dry. Avoid these mistakes to install your window tint successfully.


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