Suspension Lifts Versus Body Lift Kits: Which Is Right For Your Truck?

Posted on: 19 August 2020

There's something undeniably cool about driving a lifted truck. Lift kits make your truck look like a tough, utilitarian rig that could survive the apocalypse, and they let you sit higher up above traffic where you feel like you own the road. Additionally, truck lift kits can provide a number of performance benefits if you use your truck for off-roading. 

There are two different ways you can lift your truck: a body lift and a suspension lift. Each option offers a number of advantages and disadvantages depending on how you drive your truck and what your modification budget is.

What Is a Body Lift Kit?

As the name suggests, body lift kits are complete bolt-on packages that raise the body of your truck relative to the frame and suspension system. The kit includes blocks and spacers that you install between the body of your truck and the frame, essentially placing the body on stilts.

A quality body lift kit will bolt right onto your truck's stock body and frame without any cutting or secondary modifications required.

The Advantages of Body Lift Kits

Compared to suspension lift kits, body lift kits are much simpler in design and componentry. Because of that, they're generally much cheaper. 

They also don't alter the geometry of your truck's complex suspension system like a suspension lift kit will. That means you don't have to worry about installing modified bushings, linkages, and other costly suspension parts.

Most importantly, body lift kits give you all the aesthetic benefits of a lifted truck while also offering increased tire clearance.

The Disadvantages of Body Lift Kits

The major downside of body lift kits is they don't offer increased ground clearance like suspension lift kits do. You still get the option of improving your off-road capability if you install a larger set of mud tires. However, you don't get the extra frame clearance to crawl over top of large rocks and other obstacles.

Suspension Lift Kits: No Compromises at a Premium Cost

Suspension lift kits offer everything that body lifts do and more in terms of performance. You get the lifted-truck look and the tall driving position. You also get big tire clearance and even bigger ground clearance. A suspension lift kit will turn your truck into the ultimate off-roader.

However, that capability comes at a premium price. A set of lifted springs and shocks generally costs much more than a body lift kit. Depending on what truck you drive, you may also have to purchase a number of supporting suspension modifications also. After you're all done, you'll need a new custom wheel alignment.

If the extra off-roading capability is worth it to you and the price isn't out of your budget, opt for a quality suspension lift kit. If your modification budget is tight and you don't take your truck on the trails too often, a body lift kit may be the better route for you. 


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