Restoring A Vehicle After A Hailstorm: What Will It Take To Get The Car To Look Good Again?

Posted on: 19 May 2020

Was your vehicle outside during a random hailstorm? These storms are not always predictable and can easily lead to a massive amount of damage to a car. If your vehicle has multiple small dents and cracks on it because of the hailstorm, you can bring it to the auto body and paint shop to get it repaired.

Is a Hail-Damaged Vehicle Fixable?

When hail starts pouring down, it can quickly cause all kinds of small dents on different parts of the vehicle's body. You might think that too much damage would keep you from being able to get your car to look like it did before the storm happened. However, auto body professionals tend to master the art of repairing these vehicles while following a specific process and using the right equipment.

What Goes Into Repairing Auto Hail Damage?

An evaluation of the vehicle takes place before anything. Those who are going to work on your car at the shop need to see how severe the damage is to determine the correct set of steps to take. The following steps are often completed by the professionals when working to restore the vehicle's body to excellent condition:

  • Repairing minor cracks in the glass 
  • Removing shattered glass
  • Installing a new windshield and new windows due to the severity of the damage to them
  • Pulling out small dents with a suction device
  • Replacing severely damaged panels
  • Sanding down imperfections 
  • Repainting the vehicle to conceal imperfections

You may need to have some or all of these steps completed on your car before you drive it again. It is going to depend on the extent of the hailstorm's damage. You can speak with the professionals who are working at the shop to find out what their plan is to restore your vehicle before they begin.

Hailstorms may not last too long, but the damage they cause happens fast enough. If you had your car parked outside when one of these storms occurred and you now have damage to your vehicle, take it over to the auto body shop to get it repaired. Whether you need to have something as simple as getting a few dents pulled out or something more complicated, such as full replacements of a few panels and glass windows, the professionals are ready to help you. These professionals can even contact your insurance company for you to find out if they will cover the cost of some or all the repairs. Look into a provider who offers auto hail damage repair near you today.


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