The Benefits Of Using A Certified Repair Shop For The Type Of Vehicle You Own

Posted on: 15 January 2020

If your vehicle needs repairs or has been in a collision, deciding which repair shop or which body shop to pick can be a big decision. But, as you look for shops, you may notice that some shops are certified by the company who manufactures your vehicle, while others may not be. This may leave you wondering if there are any benefits to using a certified repair shop or not. Here are some of the benefits associated with using a certified repair shop for the type of vehicle you own. 

The Work Is Being Done By Someone Who Knows Your Vehicle Well

One of the benefits of using a certified repair shop for the vehicle type that you own is that you know the work is being done by someone who knows your vehicle well. In order to become certified, you have to meet the standard set by the manufacturer. They have to show that they know the manufacturer's best practices for your type of vehicle and are familiar with repairs and bodywork to that type of automobile. 

You Guarantee Your Warranty Remains Valid

Most people are unaware of this, but, if you have a manufacturer's warranty for your automobile, you can void it if you have repairs or bodywork made by an unauthorized repair or body shop. Using a certified repair or body shop helps to ensure that your guarantee remains valid and does not void your warranty. 

It Ensures Manufacturer Parts Are Used in Your Vehicle 

The last benefit of using a certified repair shop for the vehicle type you own is that it helps to ensure that manufacturer parts are used in your vehicle. A manufacturer will sell manufacturer certified parts to their authorized and certified repair shops and body shops. Non-certified shops may be able to get their hands on these parts as well, but you are guaranteed manufacturer parts when you use a certified shop. Manufacturer parts, also called OEM parts, ensure your vehicle operates as it is designed to, so it is important to find a shop that uses this type of parts on your vehicle. 

Most repair shops and body shops that are certified by a particular manufacturer advertise themselves as being a certified repair or body shop, but not all of them do. You can always ask a repair or body shop if they are certified and ask for the certification forms if you are unsure whether they truly are certified by a particular manufacturer. Manufacturers themselves can also help to guide you toward certified repair shops or body shops in your area if you give them a call. 

For more information, contact a shop like a Maserati-certified repair shop in your area.


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