4 Auto Painting Ideas To Make Your Custom Car Project Stand Out From The Crowd At The Next Show

Posted on: 6 June 2019

If you want your car to stand out at the next auto show, you will want to make sure you have a good paint job. You want to do more than just than just have a polished stock finish. Today, there are many options to customize the look of your car with unique paintwork. The following tips will help give your custom car project a paint job that will stand out from the crowd at car shows:

1. Set the Show on Fire with Flame Paint Jobs with Blended Colors and A Realistic Look

If you really want to set the show on fire when you pull up in a custom ride, flames are a great choice for your auto paint. Rather than the conventional flame paint job, have a auto painting service do realistic flames using different colors and tones, so your car really looks like it is on fire when you drive down the road.

2. Make Heads Turn with A Candy Paint Job That Changes Colors Depending on The Light

If you want to really make heads turn at car shows, then a candy paint job is a great solution. These are bright paint jobs that seem to change colors depending on the lighting. A candy paint job will make passersby look again at your ride to try to determine what the color is under the candy paint.

3. Give Your Custom Ride Some Bling with A Little Metal Flake Added to The Paint

You may also want to consider improvements that help to give your car bling. If you want a paint job that really sparkles when you pull up at car shows, consider adding metal flakes that sparkle. Talk with the painting professional about metal flake paints that can be match the color that you want to use for the finish of your car's exterior. There are some colors that will pop more with sparkles than others when metal flakes are added to them.

4. Contrasting Tones and Colors That Help Set Your Car Apart from The Stock Paint

You have probably heard of a two-tone paint job, which is when different colors or tones of paint are used. Usually, these are similar tones or colors that complement each other. For a different look, try using a combination of colors and tones that contrast and help make your car standout in a crowd.

These are some ideas that can give your custom car project unique paint jobs that really stands out at auto shows. If you are ready to do the finishing touches and paint your custom car project, contact an auto paint shop and talk to them about some of these ideas for your car.


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