Create Temporary Racing Stripes On Your Car Quickly And Easily

Posted on: 11 July 2016

Many people think that racing stripes would look great on their car, but are afraid of the commitment that comes with actually having them added to their car. Fortunately, there is now spray-on paint that can be used to add temporary paint to a car without damaging it. The guide below walks you through the quick and easy process of adding temporary racing stripes to your car to see if you like the way that they look.

Choose the Paint You Want to Use

The first thing you need to do is to choose the paint that you want to use to create the racing stripes on your car. You can visit just about any automotive supply shop to find the spray-on paint. It will look like a can of spray paint that you buy to paint small items for your home. Be sure to choose a color that will complement the existing color of your car.

Clean the Car

After choosing the paint color, you need to clean your car thoroughly. You want to be sure that the paint has a smooth, clean surface to stick to and cleaning your car thoroughly will better your chances of the paint adhering well to the surface of your car.

Create an Outline for the Paint

After the car has dried, you need to create an outline for the paint. Use painter's tape to create the outline. The tape will not cause any damage to the surface of your car, but it will ensure that the paint has a crisp, clean line when you are finished. Be sure to tape newspaper or crate paper on all areas of the car that are located near the areas that are going to be painted to ensure that the paint only goes where you want it to go.

Paint the Car

Shake the can vigorously for quite a few seconds to ensure that the paint mixes well within the can. Apply the paint in short, even spurts to keep the paint from collecting in one area more than another area. Allow the paint to dry fully before removing the tape from the car.

Once the paint has dried, start at one end of the paint and pull it slowly up toward the sky and away from the car. If you notice that the paint got anywhere on the car that you did not want it to go, rub the area with a microfiber cloth to remove the stray droplets of paint. If you do not like the look of the paint, you can simply peel it off of the car and try again. To learn more, contact an auto paint store like Space Age Auto Paint Store


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