Three Ways To Combat Oxidized Automobile Paint

Posted on: 4 May 2016

The paint on your automobile has a nasty way of oxidizing as the years go by, resulting in a surface that appears chalky, cloudy, or excessively faded. While many people consider this process an inevitability, the fact is there's plenty you can do about it. If your car is showing signs of paint oxidation, read on. This article will outline three ways to combat this unwanted problem.


The biggest factors in causing oxidized paint are oxygen and heat. When present in tandem, these two elements lead to a breakdown of your paint at a molecular level. Thus oxidation is an especial threat for those living in hot, sunny climates. Yet even those in cooler regions are subject to oxidation, especially people who keep their cars parked outside a majority of the time.

Regardless of the particular conditions where you live, the strongest way to prevent paint from oxidizing is to apply a protective layer of wax to your car. Car wax provides a vital buffer between the heat of the sun and the surface of your car. When used regularly, it may be enough to ward off unwanted oxidation. But to be on the safe side, try to park in shady spots when you're able.


The surface of your car consists not of just one coat of paint, but of two. The tinted paint that gives your car its unique color lies below a layer of clear coat. In its early stages, paint oxidation will only have affected this top layer, and can often be minimized or eliminated by a professional buffing.

Don't wait to long to schedule a buff job. Given enough time, the oxidation will continue to eat away at your paint. Once it reaches the tinted layer, buffing will no longer be enough to correct the problem. Always be sure to consult your local body shop as soon as you notice signs of oxidation.


Once oxidation has really taken root, there's not much you can do about it, aside from having your car repainted. As you're likely aware, this can be a costly undertaking. What you may not know, however, is that in certain cases the expense of repainting an oxidized car is covered by the manufacturer. That's because certain paints aren't as well-made as others. If a particular type of paint has been proven to break down prematurely, the manufacturer often has no choice but to issue a recall. Be sure to investigate whether your paint job qualifies for a complimentary repainting. Contact a company like George's Eastside Shell for more information.


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