Three Questions To Ask When Arranging Heavy Equipment Repair

Posted on: 9 March 2016

When you're a contractor or work in construction, you rely on your heavy equipment to be dependable. A breakdown can cost you time and money, which is why it's important to always have your equipment serviced regularly. Even when you take all the right steps to keep your machinery in top shape, you can quickly be dealing with an untimely breakdown. It's crucial to take quick action by finding a reputable equipment repair service that can handle your needs and have your machinery back to you as soon as possible. Given that you shouldn't trust your equipment to just anyone, it's useful to consider a few repair services and speak to a representative of each to decide who you should hire. Here are three questions to ask.

Are Your Mechanics Specifically Trained To Work On My Equipment?

It's important to find an heavy equipment repair service that has mechanics who are trained to repair your make and model of heavy equipment. It's common for organizations to send their mechanics to sessions taught by equipment manufacturers themselves. Upon graduating from these programs, the mechanics will receive certification that shows they've been trained directly by the manufacturer to handle specific brands of equipment. You stand a better chance of having your equipment repaired to your level of satisfaction if you select a shop that delivers in this area.

Are You Willing To Use Refurbished Parts Where Possible?

You obviously want to keep your repair costs as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of the work. One way to keep the bill for the work manageable is to hire a repair shop that will use refurbished parts for certain parts of the job. Refurbished parts aren't ideal in every situation, but many different parts can be used and still work well -- and reduce the amount that you'll have to pay. A reputable repair service will go through the list of parts needed for the job and discuss where you can save money by opting for refurbished parts.

Do You Rent Equipment While Mine Is Being Repaired?

If you don't have any backup equipment that you can use while yours is in the repair shop, see if you can partner with a shop that can rent equipment to you. Many shops have rental equipment -- or contracts with local equipment rental firms -- to help their customers. While you'll pay for this service, it will allow you to keep working and earning money even while your machinery is getting repaired.


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