4 Auto Collision Repair Tips For You To Know After Being Involved In A Car Accident

Posted on: 7 August 2015

If you have been involved in a car accident, you probably are feeling like you're lucky to have car insurance to take care of everything for you. However, the truth of the matter is that you should be more involved with the process of receiving auto collision repair to guarantee that you receive the best possible cost and outcome. Although your auto insurance company could take care of everything for you, you should generally keep these four tips in mind:

Choose the Auto Repair Shop: 

When it comes time to receive compensation and the repairs for your vehicle after an accident, your auto insurance company is going to suggest a repair shop for you to go to. Even though going to this shop may be worth it, it is always best to proceed with caution and even choose your own auto repair shop if it works better for you. You just want to be sure that the auto repair shop you choose will accept your insurance. 

Ask About the Parts: 

If any of your vehicle's components need to be replaced while receiving repairs from the auto repair shop, you will want to inquire about what type of parts they are using. For example, a shop may used new, used, or aftermarket parts. If the shop mentions that they are using aftermarket parts, then consider removing your vehicle from that shop and taking it somewhere else unless you can convince the current shop to use used or new parts for replacement.

Although the cost will be higher for used or new parts, you will find that it is well worth it because these parts are going to fit perfectly for your vehicle since they are made by the dealer of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are simply imitations that are cheap and won't work as smoothly. 

Examine Paint Work: 

If any part of your vehicle needed new paint in order to bring it back to its original condition as much as possible, then you want to be sure that you examine that paint job when you come to pick your vehicle back up. If you notice any slight differences in the paint color, then you will want to ask for them to find a more suitable match or possibly apply another coat to make it darker if necessary. 

Check the Dashboard: 

After being involved in an accident, the warning lights on your vehicle's dashboard may light up to indicate that there are problems that need to be corrected. Once you have picked up your vehicle, all of these issues should have been dealt with. If there are still warning lights on, it is either because the problem wasn't addressed or the repair shop needs to reprogram your car. 

By following these four tips after being involved in an auto collision, you can be sure that you aren't stuck paying for repairs that weren't done as professionally as they should have been. For more information, contact a company like Lacey Collision Center.


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